Product Description & Features

SNMPconnect is a library which implements management information base (MIB) level communication to SNMP agents. The library provides a simple and consistent programming interface to retrieve specific MIB objects from SNMP agents. It supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2C, and SNMPv3 protocol enabled devices. The current release, SNMPconnect v1.6.2.0, targets MIB2 compliance network devices, like routers and switches.

SNMPconnect is for you if you:

  1. develop application on the .NET platform
  2. want reliable and efficent SNMP device communication quickly and easily
  3. want to use the MIB object data but don’t want to be burdened with MIB structure and theĀ mechanics of retrieving them.
  4. would like to be most productive in focusing on implementing your solution
  5. don’t want to be brought down by details of SNMP and MIB definition.
  6. want a simple and consistent programming interface to access SNMP MIB objects.

SNMPconnect library currently supports the following MIB objects:

SNMPconnect Type Name MIB Object Object ID (OID)
RFC1213_System system
ciscoCDP cdpCacheTable
ciscoHsrpTable cHsrpGrpTable
cnfProtocolStatistics cnfProtocolStatistics
cnfPSProtocolStatTable cnfPSProtocolStatTable
cnfTopFlowsProperty cnfTopFlows
cnfTopFlowsTable cnfTopFlowsTable
dot1dBasePortTable dot1dBasePortTable
dot1dTpFdbTable dot1dTpFdbTable
RFC1213_ifTable ifTable
RFC1213_IP ip
RFC1213_ipAddrTable ipAddrTable
RFC1213_ipNetToMediaTable ipNetToMediaTable
RFC1213_ipRouteTable ipRouteTable
RFC2096_ipCidrRouteTable ipCidrRouteTable
RFC2863_ifRcvAddressTable ifRcvAddressTable
RFC2863_ifXTable ifXTable
RFC3635_EtherLikeTable dot3StatsTable
RFC4133_entPhysical entPhysicalTable
IEEE802_1AB_lldpRemTable lldpRemTable 1.0.8802.
IEEE802_1AB_lldpRemManAddrTable lldpRemManAddrTable 1.0.8802.
ciscoVtpVlanTable vtpVlanTable
ciscoVlanTrunkPortTable vlanTrunkPortTable
cviVlanInterfaceIndexTable cviVlanInterfaceIndexTable
cvmMembershipTable vmMembershipTable
RFC4363_dot1qFdbTable dot1qFdbTable
RFC4363_dot1qTpFdbTable dot1qTpFdbTable
RFC4363_dot1qVlanStaticTable dot1qVlanStaticTable
RFC4363_dot1qPortVlanTable dot1qPortVlanTable